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"Rosa Vento is an incredible voice teacher who truly set me up for long term vocal success in my career. She teaches from a place of warmth but also provides the necessary rigidity that a teacher needs to have to help a performer navigate the rigor and discipline required to succeed in this increasingly difficult industry. Rosa provided me with the proper balance of guidance and support with a pinch of reality and tough love. She taught me to be in charge of myself and of my career, a paramount lesson in responsibility, that has allowed me to boldly pursue the opportunities I’ve had and will continue to have in my singing future. I cannot recommend Rosa enough to anyone looking to advance their career and artistic self confidence!"  

Jenna Pastuszek, "Diner" (Delaware Theatre Company), "Because of Winn Dixie" (DTC),
"Evita" (Stage Door Theatre), "Side Show" (Media Theatre), "Sister Act" (Lake Dillon Theatre Co). 

"Studying with Rosa at NYU Steinhardt was a bigger blessing than I could’ve imagined as a young soprano transitioning from high school to undergraduate studies. She gave me the foundation for my technique that now causes my voice to carry over every orchestra I have sung with, and as an experienced singer herself, provided me with invaluable career guidance that set me up for success throughout my time at NYU and beyond. It is with great pleasure that I give Rosa Vento my highest recommendation to any singer!"


Jessica Fishenfeld, Palm Beach Opera, Wade Artist Management

"My time with Rosa was fundamental in not only my understanding of myself as a singer, but in setting up a foundation for a career that can last. She pushed with love, listened with wisdom, and cared about my development, both personally and in the business. My time with her was so important because she gave me the tools to continue growing after my time at NYU, and for that I'm forever grateful! Without her expertise and patience, I would not have learned the importance of longevity and flexibility within the voice, and how to take care of myself in a long-running show. What she gave me was priceless and will be with me for the rest of my career!" 


Jillian Jameson, "The Sound of Music", National Tour 

"I fly to New York to specifically work with Rosa Vento as often as possible. Having studied with many teachers over the past 30 years, Rosa is by far the most effective teacher, coach, and technician that I have had the privilege to work with. One hour with Ms. Vento offers me deeper insights into my repertoire and techniques to improve my skill levels. I bring my vocal challenges to her and leave with the techniques and skills to overcome them both in the classical and cabaret repertoire. 

My improvement over the past two years under Ms. Vento's watchful eye continues to be noted and complimented by nationally recognized conductors and coaches that I have the honor to work with. My bookings are up, my confidence is high and my love of performance grows daily. 

Rosa Vento approaches teaching with a respectful, caring and encouraging atmosphere, building trust, while pushing her students in a subtle way to reach deeper, work harder, and grow faster both as an artist and as a person. She is an artist herself! I am honored to work with her and to know her." 

Martha Bartz-Mezzo Soprano, Charlotte, NC 


"I heartily recommend Rosa without reservation. She helped me come back from vocal distress and has guided me through a major change in repertoire. Rosa is a caring, compassionate, flexible and highly knowledgeable teacher who holds no pre-conceived notions about each voice, but rather lets the healthy voice also be a guide. She understands well the function of the voice and breath and is able to communicate this through tailoring her language to my particular needs. Rosa has equipped me with the tools I need to effectively work on my own, between lessons and on the road. My voice has improved in clarity, intonation and flexibility due to the work I have done with Rosa." 


Leslie Watson, Mezzo Soprano, New York , New York. 


"During the past four years I have had the privilege of studying with Rosa Vento. Rosa is a wonderful, caring teacher who inspires me everyday. Rosa is a very talented teacher who truly understands the inner workings of the voice and therefore she is able to explain vocal technique in a manner that meets the students learning style and needs. My constant progress is evidence of her sound vocal technique and vast repertoire knowledge. I have learned so much from Rosa and it has been an honor to work with her week after week. Under Rosa’s direction, I have grown not only as a performer, but as an individual as well. Without Rosa’s help, guidance and encouragement I do not know where I would be today." 


Sarah Jane Arnegger, Master Candidate, New York University 

"Rosa Vento is an extraordinary teacher. In my years of study with her, she has helped me take my voice to a completely new level, teaching me to sing with ease and agility. She is consistently working to introduce new concepts as well as building upon what we’ve already learned, maximizing my strengths and giving me the confidence I need to discover new areas of my voice. Her emphasis on a healthy vocal production is an invaluable addition to our lessons. Rosa is encouraging, supportive, and honest which I find to be among her greatest assets as a teacher." 


Laura Apruzzese, NYU

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